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Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley: Episode #61 - Mark Slaughter / Adrian Washington

Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley (Mark Slaughter - 05/26/15)

Each week at about this time, give or take a day, TATSOL is proud to bring you...not so live, direct from someplace in Hollywood, California...the latest episode of Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley! Episode #61 is now available for your listening pleasure!

This week!

First up: Former voice of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion / Slaughter front man Mark Slaughter calls in to talk about his still newish solo record "Reflections In A Rear View Mirror," his voice and doing voice over work, Kiss, the last time he talked to Vinnie Vincent, and much, much more.

Then! Comedian Adrian Washington swings by the studio by to talk comedy and his career, booking shows, The Rockin' 101FM Steel Toe Morning Show and whatever else happens to come up in conversation!

So what are you waiting for? Push the play button already!

-Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley/ Facebook
-Izzy Presley

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #167: Woody Herman and his Swinging Herd "My Kind of Broadway" (1964)

Woody Herman and His Swinging Herd "My Kind Of Broadway" (1964)
(Image: NYCDreamin Archives)

Artist: Woody Herman and his Swinging Herd
Title: My Kind of Broadway
Released: 1964

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TATSOL Recap: 05/22/15 Doug Collins & The Receptionists @ Palmer's, Minneapolis, MN

05-22-15 Doug Collins & The Receptionists @ Palmers, Mpls, MN0011
(Photos and video: NYCDreamin Archives)

After their scheduled show at Tuttle's in Hopkins for a appearance was postponed/cancelled back in April, we were glad to finally get another chance this past Friday night (May 22) to check out Doug Collins and the Receptionists doing a set at Palmer's in Minneapolis.

05-22-15 Doug Collins & The Receptionists @ Palmers, Mpls, MN005

With temperatures enjoyably mild, Palmer's had their back door open and the fenced-in area out back was filled with people taking full advantage, kicking off the long Memorial Day weekend with cold beers, a few laughs with friends and some great live music filtering through the open doorway.

Doug Collins and the Receptionists
-Doug Collins (Guitar, Vocals)
-Kevin Kluever (Guitar)
-Charlie Varley (Bass, Vocals)
-Billy Dankert (Drums, Vocals)

Doug and Co. play a pleasant and fun to listen to blend of Mid-Americana Pop that never quite veers into "Country" territory and yet never delves into a full blown "Rock star" shred-fest, either. They like to throw in a cover here or there, but you'll most likely get no mythical, epic sixteen minute long tales of Dragons and Wizards...or retarded groupie fantasy stories of "doing 18 girls in a row." And thank god for that!

As usual, we brought the camera along and this time I just kind of filmed a few random songs here and there throughout the set as the evening progressed. We thought you'd like to have a look and listen if you couldn't make it out to the show. And if you don't know the band and this is your introduction...maybe this will spur you to get out and check them out live some time when you get a chance. I hope that is the case anyway.

-Doug Collins and the Receptionists on Facebook
-Doug Collins
-Doug Collins and the Receptionists CD "Davenport, Iowa" available HERE.

One From The Archives: 05/26/89 White Zombie/ Misery/ Babes In Toyland @ Avalon Theater, Minneapolis, MN

05/26/89 White Zombie/ Misery/ Babes In Toyland @ Avalon Theater, Minneapolis, MN (Flyer)
(Image via Sean Yseult Collection - "I'm In The Band")

05/26/89 White Zombie/ Misery/ Babes In Toyland @ Avalon Theater, Minneapolis, MN (News Bit)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

One From The Archives: 05/26/89 Hennepin County Humane Society Benefit Concert @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Spring 1989 - Minneapolis Animal Humane Society Benefit Concert -w- Disturbed
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

05/26/89 Hennepin County Humane Society Benefit @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

One From The Archives: 05/26 - 29/89 The World Series of Ribs @ Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN

05/26 - 29/89 The World Series of Ribs @ Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

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Scene On The Street: Memorial Day 2015 Edition

05-22-15 Flags Chaska008
(Photo: NYCDreamin Archives)

Near Highway 212 East in Chaska, Minnesota, a lineup of American Flags pays silent Tribute to all who gave some...and some...who gave all.

Your liberties as an American have not come without an incredibly high price, paid not just in dollars but, as you well know, in human flesh. Take time today to remember the men and women who have worked and sacrificed so much to insure that we may continue to live in the greatest nation on this Earth.

One From The Archives: 05/25/90 Kiss/ Faster Pussycat/ Slaughter @ Met Center, Bloomington, MN

05/25/90 Kiss/ Faster Pussycat/ Slaughter @ Met Center, Bloomington, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Link Of Interest To The Enlightened:

11-05-11 Pavek Museum of Broadcast, St. Louis Park, MN 006
Old radio studio microphones at the Pavek Museum of Broadcast in St. Louis Park, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

I really gotta thank my pal Seth over at Seth's Rock (which, as we've mentioned that you should be checking out every Sunday as well) for recently pointing me to a very cool online treasure trove of old radio broadcasts and assorted audio coolness from Minneapolis/ St. Paul radio history.

The website features hundreds and hundreds of sound clips from old station ID's to radio broadcasts from the night John Lennon was murdered to Minnesota Twins victory in the World Series to old radio ads for albums from Ted Nugent, Blue Oyster Cult and many, many more to radio broadcasts from 9/11...and so much more. You just have to go check it out to see it all for yourself. And a word of advice: you might want to first go take a leak, then go to the kitchen and get something to drink and maybe even dig up a snack to munch might be on this site for a while.

Today! 05/24/15 Memorial Day Punk Rock Extravaganza @ Tompkins Square Park, New York City, NY

This just in:

If you're finding yourself in New York City today you might want to get down to Tompkins Square Park by 1:00pm for this. I would be there...if I was there.

05/24/15 Memorial Day Punk Rock Extravaganza @ Tompkins Square Park, New York City, NY

TATSOL Recap: 05/12/15 Y&T @ G.B. Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

05/12/15 Y&T/ Arena @ G.B. Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN (Ad2)

We have to start off here by thanking promoter John from Viking Rocker Productions for bringing San Francisco California hard rockers Y&T back to the Twin Cities area for a second time in just over a year. Seeing as how the band hadn't played here since March of 1990 prior to April 2014, it was really great to see them come back to town again so soon. Oh! And the ticket price was very very reasonable: $10.00adv / $15.00dos. I don't know how he did that - but kudos!

Additionally for John VikingRocker, this promised to be a bit of a special was his Birthday! So happy belated birthday to you as well man...thanks for throwing the swell party!

So, on to the show!  We arrived plenty early, before the opening band were even through setting up their gear. A lot of times we go to shows and it's just me and the Gorgeous One. But this time we met up with a group of three of our old friends and some of their friends. One of our three friends was a surprise arrival, even to himself. He won some tickets earlier in the afternoon from radio station Rockin' 101-FM in St. Cloud. We would also run into another friend of ours from Iowa, a radio D.J. himself coincidentally, who was up for the show with a friend of his. But we didn't wind up seeing them until a bit later, just before Y&T started their set.

Of course one of the topics of conversation was the OTHER show taking place across town on this same evening. We were all very glad to be here at the Y&T show, but it seemed we were all just a bit bummed out we had to miss what might have been the final Rush show in the Twin Cities. Bad timing that both shows were on the same night, but a choice had to be made. My reasoning was easy - I've seen Rush 8 or 9 times now. Y&T I've seen only once prior.

Anyway, as friends will do, we chatted it up quite a bit before opening act the "Arena" band hit the stage. A few drinks were ordered by those friends that still do, a few of us had sodas. The Gorgeous One and I, having come to the venue pretty much straight after work, decided to order some burgers and fries as well. Happy to report the food at G.B. Leigton's was delicious and a good sized portion for the price. The waitress was very friendly. And refills on the soda (on this particular night) were free. So that was nice too.

I'm not even sure what time it was when Y&T came out after Arena finished up their brief, 30 minute opening set. The set change between bands didn't seem to take all that long and before we knew it it was show time.

05/12/15 Y&T @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN
(Photos and video: NYCDreamin Archives - Except Where Indicated *)

The Gorgeous One and I moved ourselves right down to the front row on the very far left side of the stage where there was still some room to squeeze in. Close enough that I could see Dave Meniketti's little bottle of guitar picks sitting with some AA batteries and some other essential gear on top of a road case located near the front of the stage. One of the local KQRS DJ's (we'll spare you his name) came out and drunkenly announced the band. You know, because KQRS ALWAYS plays so much Y&T, right? RIGHT? Yeah...whatever. I was thinking "Get off the fuckin' stage!"

A few minutes later, thankfully, he did. The lights dimmed and the intro tape rolled and we could see the band coming out from their dressing room and getting ready to take the stage. A minute later there they were. The room, which by now was filled with close to 500 people, erupted into applause and cheers as the band erupted right into a classic from 1981..."Hurricane."

A rockin', upbeat song to kick off the show that they didn't play the last time they were here. Y&T these days is comprised of main man Deve Meniketti on guitar and vocals, along with John Nymann on guitar and vocals, Brad Lang on Bass and vocals and Mike Vanderhule on the drums.

The band sounded great right from go and looked to be plenty energized for a show that we had heard rumored beforehand was to last nearly two hours. It was off to a great start.

05/12/15 Y&T @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

Second song of the evening was another one that was not played last time here, "L.A. Rocks" from the 1987 "Contagious" album.

Third song was a quote "newer" one titled "How Long." This comes from the bands last studio album, "Facmelter," issued in 2010. Three songs into the show and I'm thinking I'm pretty impressed that so far, all three were not played here the last time.

05/12/15 Y&T @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

The lucky "no repeats" streak finally ran out with the fourth song, "Black Tiger," (1982) but not that I minded this in any way. Quite the contrary, it's one of my favorite Y&T songs. There may have even been trouble if they hadn't played it!

The next song, "Lucy," from the "Ten" album (1990) was another fresh one not played here last time. Although I really do like the "Ten" album, I can't say I've ever been a big fan of this song at all.

"Mean Streak," the "hit" from the 1983 album of the same know they played that one last time. And probably every time they play I'm sure. It's one of those classic Y&T songs I guess people just expect to hear. It was the first Y&T song I ever heard so of course I was glad to hear it included in the set here again.

05/12/15 Y&T @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

Back to 1981, the band pulled "Dirty Girl" from their "Earthshaker" album. This one was a repeat from the last show here as well, but again, no problem. It's a pretty sweet song live and of course the ladies all seemed to like it. I'm sure the band knows of this when putting together a set list.

Back to 1983, the band pulled another song that is "required catalog," the classic "Midnight In Tokyo." By this point in the show I know I'd pretty much forgotten about the Rush show in St. Paul and was firmly in the moment, hanging on every note, and, being a fan of the band since about 1984, expecting the next one.

Next was a song from 1995's "Musically Incorrect" CD, "Cold Day In Hell." I'm not familiar with that album at all but by the sound of this track, it's classic Y&T and I should probably get around to adding it to my collection one of these days.

And then it was right back to 1981 for the album closer from "Earthshaker," "I Believe In You." I remembered that this song had been the second to the last one in the set the last time but I knew they were not even close to the end yet for tonight's show. This one has that long slow build. From an almost plodding beginning and mid-section, the song explodes into a crescendo of frenzied guitar solo. What's not to like?

Then...problems. For me anyway. The battery indicator came on  on my camera, alerting me to low status. Lame! 11 songs in?! I thought it had a full charge when I left home! Maybe the battery is finally wearing out after a few years of reasonably heavy use? Damn! All these thoughts going through my head simultaneously. And then I think, yeah, I better shut it down after one more song so I can get some post-show photos. So "Eyes of a Stranger" from "Contagious" (1987) here is the final song I got on video. While really loving that album, this is another one of those Y&T songs I'm not so crazy about. I don't hate it, but it never did much for me. It was kind of cool to hear it live however, they did not play this one here last time around.

The band stayed in 1987 for the title track from "Contagious," a much better live song in my opinion. This was always a catalog favorite of mine from this band, it just takes me back to summer 1987 instantly when I hear it. Oh to be 17 again. The original promo video for this song is a classic (now kind cheesy looking) 80's metal video. Check it out HERE if you have never seen it. And if you haven't...really?

The band has been playing the next song, "All American Boy" (from 1985's "Down For The Count" album) for the past few months, according to front man Dave Meniketti, live for the first time since 1985. Thankfully, even though my camera was now off, some other people also had video cameras so there is more footage to be had!

(*Video - Weid69/Youtube)

Next up was "I Want Your Money," another of the "new" tracks from "Facemelter" (2010).

(*Video - Weid69/Youtube)

And then back to 1984 and another song they pretty much have to play as it was another minor hit for the band, "Don't Stop Runnin'". It is pretty cool that the band can Ping-Pong through 30+ years of recorded musical history and not miss a beat and it all sounds like it belongs together, none of the songs really sounding too dated or anything.

(*Video - Weid69/Youtube)

Because then it was right back to 1981 one more time and "Rescue Me," from the Earthshaker" album. As the band was winding down the set, coming to the end of the show, they were showing no signs of tiring out and were just nailing ever song and the crowd was responding with very loud and enthusiastic response at the end of each one. And they certainly were not done just yet.

To finish off a nice long set on this Tuesday evening the band played four more songs, three of which they had played here last time and one they did not. "I'm Coming Home" was next up, followed by "Summertime Girls," another of those "time-travel, remember the video songs" from the good old days of 1985. If you were there, you remember. If you weren' missed out.

The setlist (below) lists "Hell Or High Water" from 1982's "Black Tiger" album as the next-to-last song of the night. Rather spontaneously, at the loud, repeated request from some guy down in the front row, it was replaced with a great version of "Surrender" from "Contagious." From the echo-y opening guitar chords, I can say was 100% in support of this change as "Surrender" is another of my Y&T catalog favorites and it was great to hear it live for the very first time ever.

After nearly two hours and 19 songs, there was time for one more and then it was all over. "Forever," another track from "Black Tiger" (1982) closed out the show, as it did last time. I guess this is probably the bands usual closing number and probably has been for some time. Just a guess though.

05/12/15 Y&T @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

The crew guys appeared immediately to begin taking down the bands gear. I managed to grab one of the four set lists from one guy who was handing it out to the first taker in the front row. The guy next to me looked kind of bummed out. Better luck next time dude.

05/12/15 Y&T @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

A lot of people began to stream out right away. We had plans to stay and shake hands with Dave Meniketti and maybe, hopefully, get a few autographs. I had a few cherished old Y&T albums with me for just this purpose. About fifteen or twenty minutes after the show ended, the entire band came back out and began circulating among the remaining fans, signing stuff and posing for photos. We hopped in line to say "Hi " to Dave and a few minutes later we were standing next to him posing for a photo that our pal "Mikey" was taking for us. Then we took one of him with Dave. And got our stuff signed and it was pretty cool to meet and shake hands with a guy who I've been a fan of for so many years. He was very cool and seemed pretty genuinely happy to be there shaking hands and meeting people. He even commented on my shirt - my favorite Oddfathers hoodie. He said, "Hey, yeah! I remember those guys from the last time we played here. They opened the show, right? They were really good!" I thought that was really cool that he remembered them!

Y&T "In Rock We Trust" (1984) - Autographed by Dave Meniketti

Y&T "Open Fire" (1985) - Autographed by Dave Meniketti

We said thanks for the show and told him to some back again soon. We moved on and he continued to meet and greet fans as we made our way to near the bar where our Iowa friends were hanging out at a table. We joined them for a while and talked about the show and some upcoming ones here and in Iowa as well. And about local bands. And national bands. And obscure bands and popular bands. We most likely could have gone on all night but we had to get home so we eventually excused ourselves and set off on the almost hour long drive. I didn't envy my friend his drive back to Iowa one bit.

So we get home. It's late. The Gorgeous One goes to bed immediately. I'm excited to check out the photo of us with Dave Meniketti. I pull it up in the camera and it looks cool. I think, "Hey, I'll zoom it up just a bit and re-crop it." So I do this, have it nicely framed just how I want it...and...I push the fucking TRASHCAN button instead of the SAVE button! AHHHRH! Did I just really do that?!?

Yes...yes I did. I am that talented. A special moment - gone. Nice.

At least we saved the one of our friend and Dave. I think I would have felt even worse if I had deleted that one instead.

But anyway...yeah. Dave Meniketti's Y&T. Still kicking plenty of rock and roll ass after nearly 40 years of road-dogging it around the planet. They're probably playing somewhere near you at some point this summer - it would be well worth your time and money to catch them regardless if you've already seen them one hundred times...or zero times. If you love loud, classic 70's /80's style rock and roll and you haven't seen Y&T, you should do so before father time pulls them off the road permanently. It doesn't appear that will happen any time soon...but you never know. And you'd hate to be one of those guys or gals who finds yourself saying in a few years time, "Yeah, I should have went and seen those guys when they were still around." Because they are, thankfully, in a loud and proud way, still cranking out classic American Hard Rock with the best of them.

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Starts Today! 05/22 - 24/15 Rock Hard Festival 2015 @ Gelsenkirchen, Germany (Updated!)

05/22 - 24/15 Rock Hard Festival 2015 @ Gelsenkirchen, Germany
-Rock Hard 2015/ Facebook

As they did last year, Rock Hard in conjunction with RockPalast will be LIVE STREAMING several performances online for you to enjoy.

Friday 05/22/15
 Architects of Chaos (9:00AM)
Flotsam and Jetsam (10:05AM)
God Dethroned (11:15AM)
Pentagram (12:45PM)...
VENOM!!! (2:30PM)

Saturday 05/23/15
Avatarium (8:50AM)
Kataklysm (10:00PM)
Sanctuary (11:15AM)
Doro (12:45PM)
Kreator (2:30PM)

Sunday 05/24/15
Refuge (9:30AM)
Michael Schenker (11:00AM)
Overkill (12:40PM)
Black Star Riders (2:30PM)

 All times listed here are CENTRAL TIME.

Convert to your time zone as needed.

Watch live HERE:

UPDATE: 05/24/15
Rock Hard 2015 just wrapped up a few hours ago and from what we could see from watching the RockPalast live stream online from the other side of the planet all weekend was that it was a great weekend to be in Gelsenkirchen. Here are some early video highlights.


Flotsam & Jetsam - "Me"

Venom - "Black Flame Of Satan"

Venom - "Witching Hour"


Doro - "Burning The Witches"


Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock - Full Set!

Overkill - Full Set!

One From The Archives: 05/22/89 Roxx Gang/ Straight Lace @ Ryan's, St. Paul, MN

05/22/89 Roxx Gang @ Ryan's, St. Paul, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

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Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley: Episode #60 - (Rewind) A 2011 Interview with Susannah Hoffs (The Bangles)

Another F'n Podcast With Izzy Presley (Graphic)

Each week at about this time, TATSOL is proud to bring you...not so live, direct from someplace in Hollywood, California...the latest episode of Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley! Episode #60 is now available for your listening pleasure!

This week!

Comedian Adrian Washington was supposed to be in studio but L.A. traffic put a stop to that so Izzy has rescheduled him for next week's show. lieu of that, Izzy scrambled...and pulled an interview from his Rockin' 101/RX Magazine days that he did with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles back in 2011 (used by permission). Topics covered include the Bangles' record at the time "Sweetheart Of The Sun," working with Matthew Sweet, everything Bangles, and recording in the nude. Yeah, that really happened! Izzy also pays homage to a fallen friend and music industry veteran, Dean Schachtel, who worked as the GM at Wendy Dio’s Niji Entertainment Group as well as being considered Ronnie Dio's "right hand man" for many years prior to his death in 2010. Dean passed away suddenly on Monday, May 18th at the age of 49. Big time loss for the music community and, most importantly, his family.  He will be missed by so many.

So quit your dilly-dallying and push the play button already!

-Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley/ Facebook
-Izzy Presley

One From The Archives: 05/21/95 Beastie Boys/ Bad Brains/ Hurricane @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

05/21/95 Beastie Boys/ Bad Brains/ Hurricane @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

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05/17/15 RIP Ryan Shutler - Drummer, Lazarus A.D.

(Image via Lazarus A.D. Facebook)

Sad news spreading this afternoon that the Metal world has lost the talents of a phenomenally gifted drummer. Kenosha, WI based Thrash Metal masters Lazarus A.D. issued a statement on their official Facebook page early this afternoon that their 29 year old drummer Ryan Shutler has died, passing away on Sunday, May 17th. No cause of death has been issued at this time. The band's statement follow here:

"As a lot of you have heard recently. It is with deep sadness that we share the news that our closest friend and brother, Ryan Shutler, has passed away. This unexpected loss of our friend is a shock and we are all trying to cope with his sudden passing. Ryan left his footprint on this earth, through the many friendships he made in his life. Many have had the pleasure to know Ryan on a personal level and to witness his immense amount of character and charisma. And for so many more, the incredible talent he exuded as a drummer. All of us, will cherish our many adventures we had together. Whenever we needed a laugh or someone to confide in, he was always there when we needed it the most. He was truly one of a kind.

At this time, we ask everyone to take a moment to remember Ryan Shutler and the good times he shared with all of us. We appreciate everyone's condolences and we hope to have more news soon, as we too are still trying to understand."

-Alex, Dan and Jeff

*TATSOL would like to extend our sincere condolences to Ryan's Lazarus A.D. band mates and all of his family and close friends at this time. We are very saddened to hear of the loss of this huge talent who was just getting started - an integral part of the amazingly heavy Lazarus A.D., driving them forward with a brutal throwdown of speed and precision. We were lucky to see Ryan play with Lazarus A.D. three times here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and he was killer every time. Here is some video from one of those shows - October 26, 2011 in St. Paul, MN.

Tonight! 05/19/15 Mike Tramp/ Wally Joseph @ Pov's 65, Spring Lake Park, MN

05-19-15 Mike Tramp @ Pov's 65, Spring Lake Park, MN

-A Viking Rocker Productions presentation.

Last night (Monday), as part of some advance promotion for tonight's show, Mike Tramp called in to St. Cloud MN radio station Rockin' 101-FM and gave them all the latest information on what he has been up to recently.

Tonight! 05/19/15 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015 @ The Studio at Webster Hall, NYC, NY

05/19/15 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015 @ The Studio @ Webster Hall, NYC, NY


Update: Some video highlights...

Friday, May 15, 2015

09/16/25 - 05/14/15 R.I.P. Riley "B.B." King - Blues Guitar Legend

B.B. King (Undated - Photographer Unknown)
(Image via B.B.

Anyone who has been paying any attention lately knew that this incredibly sad news was imminent any day...and yesterday was the day. We lost a great one last night. Thank you for all the music you left us and for the huge, far reaching influence you had on so many musicians over the past fifty-plus years. Rest in peace B.B. King.

New York City Images As Album/CD Cover Art #164: Billy Vaughn "Moon River" (1969)

Billy Vaughn "Moon River" (1969)

Artist: Billy Vaughn
Title: Moon River
Released: 1969

Near the end of the day yesterday a thoughtful co-worker brought me a stack of about 150 old albums that have been sitting in his garage for "several years" that he just wanted to get rid of. I just started going through them and I found this gem about 4 or 5 deep into the stack. Released in 1969 - this is a STILL SEALED copy. I'm guessing it has to be worth at least a few bucks...but I'm putting this one into my own private "New York City Images as Album/CD Covers" collection - a very nice addition I think.