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Who Remembers Watching Night Flight?

An unofficial, unauthorized archive of assorted print ads, schedules, video clips, etc. pertaining exclusively to programming that aired on USA Cable Network's "Night Flight" TV program - 1981 - 1988. In those early 80's pre-MTV days, this was certainly some of the coolest music and alternative / counter cultural arts programming to be found anyplace on TV.

I will periodically add more content as I continue to come across it.

Latest update: 03/30/15

1982-1983 Night Flight on USA Bale Network (print ad)
(Images via NYCDreamin Archives)

The Reagans on Night Flight - early 1980's.

Undated Night Flight TV episode "bumpers" - "Night of the Living Dead"

07/22/82 RS (Night Flight on USA - Schedule Ad)08/05/82 RS (Night Flight on USA - Schedule Ad)
July 1982                                                   July 1982

09/02/82 RS (Night Flight on USA - Schedule Ad)   10/14/82 RS (Night Flight on USA - Schedule Ad)
August 1982                                             October 1982

Dec. /82 RS (Night Flight on USA - Schedule Ad)
December 1982

04/28/83 (Night Flight on USA - Schedule Ad)
April 1983

1985 Upcoming Season Promo

1985 Show Intro: Takeoff to: Heavy Metal

2000's -  Rumors of a Nightflight Return?!? - Night

Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's Official: Guitarist Casey Gooby Parts Ways with The Oddfathers

10/31/14 The Oddfathers @ Famous Dave's, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)
Casey Gooby on stage with The Oddfathers, 10/31/14 in Minneapolis.

Ending a period of relative quiet and confirming the worst suspicions of some recent speculation among hardcore fans as to what is happening within the group, in a brief posting on his Facebook page late yesterday, guitarist Casey Gooby announced that he is no longer playing with The Oddfathers and that he is, indeed, already playing with some other yet to be named outfit. Here's the entire statement:

"Hey all, my time with The Oddfathers has ended, and I am now playing with a new group of guys, and having a blast. More details to come."

No official word or statement on the situation just yet from The Oddfathers. We'll be sure to pass that along to you right here just as soon as they make any kind of additional information public.

The Gorgeous One and I just want to take a moment to wish Casey all the best. Good luck with your new group - we are excited to see where your next musical journey takes you and we hope to see you shredding it up someplace, sometime soon!

Modin's Rockin' Recollections #19: 08/24/13 Sammy Hagar/ Buckcherry/ Rival Sons @ Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN

Modin's Rockin' Recollections (Logo)    08/24/13 Sammy Hagar/ Buckcherry/ Rival Sons @ MN State Fair, St. Paul, MN
Sunday night...time for another episode of Modin's Rockin' Recollections!

This time around, our pal Troy (and a very special guest) discuss a few thoughts and memories of the 08/24/13 Sammy Hagar/ Buckcherry/ Rival Sons triple-bill at the Minnesota State Fair. This was also, I believe, the special guests' first big rock and roll show.

Here's the ticket...let's go!

08/24/13 Sammy Hagar @ MN State Fair, St. Paul, MN

So August 24, 2013. Beautiful day to be at the Minnesota State Fair. Obviously the Modins were there, they're about to tell you a bit about it. That's the whole point of this.

But...if you've been reading TATSOL since at least August 2013, you may remember The Gorgeous One and I were also at the Fair that day too! Still another killer rock show was taking place at the smaller Leinenkugel's Lodge Bandshell across the grounds. Legendary 70's hard rockers Blue Oyster Cult were playing the first of two free nights and we had decided to check that one out. I like Sammy Hagar just fine, have seen him a few times...but I love Blue Oyster Cult, so the choice was made.

We had arrived early in the afternoon, many hours before the BOC show was to begin. During our adventures of aimlessly wandering around the fairgrounds while consuming too much food, we found ourselves near the main Grand Stand area and happened to be there just as Sammy Hagar and his band were doing a sound check. So we stopped and listened for a few minutes...

...then we went on with our afternoon and eventually on to the BOC show. You can read about the BOC show and see full set video of that HERE.

Meanwhile, the Modins were also someplace on the Fairgrounds. We never did see them that day. No big surprise though when on average the Minnesota State Fair boasts daily attendance of well over 100,000 - 150,000 people.

So let's pick up the rock and roll story from the father and son perspective...

Sounds like they had a great time, a fun memory for both of them (and Mom too!)

We also had a great time, over at the Leinenkugles band shell with Blue Oyster Cult, who, after a killer set, had wrapped up their show. We quickly decided to head over to the Grand Stand to see if we could at least hear a few minutes of Sammy Hagar and Co. As we got closer, we could hear that Sammy and his band were nowhere near finished just yet...

That was how we saw things from outside the Grand Stand. I was just glad we were able to hear the show and as such we decided to stick around and listen until the end.

And this was the view from the inside for the Modins and all the rest who had a ticket to the show.

Two families. Two stories. One common goal: To rock and roll. Achieved.
An undeniably great day at the Minnesota State Fair...August 24, 2013.

Thanks for reading as always and please join us right here again next Sunday for another of Modin's Rockin' Recollections!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dave Rave and the Governors "Ashtray Makeup" Nominated For 2015 Hamilton Music Award

Dave Rave and the Governors "Ashtray Makeup" (2014)

TATSOL would like to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Rave and the Governors!

Dave Rave and the Governors are:

Dave Rave - Craig Teiken - Tom Cook - Rich Mattson - Chad Mittag
David K. Loy - Germaine Gemberling - Keely Lane - Edie Ray

Their 2014 CD "Ashtray Makeup" has been nominated as a possible award winner in the "Alternative/Indie Rock Recording of the Year" category at the Hamilton Music Awards 2015.

The complete list of nominees in this category are:

Dave Rave and the Governors - "Ashtray Makeup"
Beautiful Nothing - "Beautiful Nothing"
The Dirty Nil - "Smite"
Pet Sun - "Feel Like I'm Going Away"
Thought Beneath Film – "Cartographers"
The Zilis – "Sketches II"

The Hamilton Music Awards 2015 is scheduled to take place at the Dofasco Centre for the Arts (with various other venues hosting live events as well) in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada beginning on May 21st and running through May 24th.

Check out Hamilton Music for a complete list all the award categories, nominees and live performance event schedules.

To the band...again, congratulations! And good luck to you all - we hope to report a "win" for you right here in May!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Viking Rocker Productions Bringing Girlschool and Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel to G.B. Leighton's Pickle Park in Fridley, MN for Pair of June 2015 Shows

Viking Rocker Productions Presents...
Coming to G.B. Leighton's Pickle Park in June!

06/04/15 Girlschool/ Crucified Barbara/ Old James/ Velvet Black/ Mousai @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN


06/06/15 Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel/ Emperors and Elephants/ The Regenerators/ Lamp Shade Betty @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

Tickets for both shows On Sale NOW!

Modin's Rockin' Recollections #18: 07/06/99 Journey/ Foreigner/ Foghat @ Ice Palace Arena, Tampa, FL

Modin's Rockin' Recollections (Logo)

As promised, it's Sunday and we're back with another episode of Modin's Rockin' Recollections. This time our man TM does a rather quick reminiscence on a show that took place 16 years ago already down in Tampa, Florida. Here's the ticket...

07/06/99 Journey/ Foreigner/ Foghat @ Ice Palace, Tampa, FL

And here's the man who went to the show...and lived to tell the tale.

-Back next Sunday with more. We know you can not wait.

Friday, March 20, 2015

RIP Anthony Jude "A.J." Pero - Drums, Twisted Sister/ Cities/ Adrenaline Mob/ Four By Fate

Officer Metalhead and A.J. Pero (Summer 2014)
(Image via Officer Metalhead Collection)
Our pal Officer Metalhead (L) and A.J Pero (R) - someplace in Long Island, NY - Summer 2014.

We are very sad here at TATSOL this evening to be reporting, as you have probably already read elsewhere today, news of the passing of drummer A.J. Pero of Twisted Sister and Adrenaline Mob. Pero, 55, had also just signed on to fill the recently vacated drum slot in Four By Fate, the new band featuring former Frehley's Comet members John Regan and Tod Howarth.

According to a report issued by the AP, Pero was on tour with Adrenaline Mob at the time of his death. On Friday morning, fellow band members had tried to awaken Pero and he was found to be unresponsive. He was taken to a hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York where he was pronounced dead after suffering an apparent heart attack.

TATSOL send our deep condolences to A.J.'s family, friends and former band mates as we join the rest of the Metal World tonight in shock and mourning, sharing a sense of the loss of yet another member of our tribe.

Below, killer video of A.J. and some friends paying tribute to another drummer who left us way too soon at the 2014 NAMM Bonzo Bash at the Observatory in Los Angeles, California.

Updated: 9:45PM CST

Twisted Sister bassist Mark "The Animal" Mendoza called in to Finger's Metal Shop on WBAB 102.3FM Long Island, NY earlier tonight and offered some thoughts and memories on his long-time band mate A.J. Pero. You can listen to the complete, unedited conversation HERE.

New York City Images As Album/ CD Cover Art #162: Estus "Estus" (1973)

Estus "Estus" (Released: 1973)

Artist: Estus
Title: Estus
Released: 1973

Tom Nicholas - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
John Nicholas - Bass, Vocals, Harp, Percussion
Harry Rumpf - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Marc Bell - Drums

As noted above, this "lost" Psychedelic-Hard Rock band featured a post-Dust, pre-Voidoids, pre-Ramones Marc Bell, aka Marky Ramone on drums. That's him on the cover there, second from the right. Of course you and I, the curious listeners wonder, upon learning of a band such as this, "I wonder what that sounds like?" Thankfully, some kind soul has kindly uploaded the entire album to Youtube...wonder no more and enjoy. It certainly ain't the Ramones...but it sure does sound like 1973. I like it.

*Thanks to Alex over at Flaming Pablum for bringing this to our attention recently!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One From The Archives: 03/18/90 Joe Satriani/ Steve Salas Color Code @ Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

03/18/90 Joe Satriani/ Steve Salas Color Code @ Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Dead Label Debuts "Salvation In Sacrifice" Offering A Preview Of Upcoming New Album

Dead Label (8X10 Promo Photo)

Irish hardcore trio Dead Label offered a gift to fans for St. Patrick's Day 2015, issuing a video for a brand new song titled "Salvation In Sacrifice." The song will appear on the bands upcoming Nuerra Records release titled "Throne of Bones." The release date for that is "coming soon."

Dead Label (Clover Promo Magnet - 2014)

Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley - Episode #52: Mike "Happy Schneider (Hairball)

Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley (03/18/15 Mike "Happy" Schneider)

As we like to do here each week at about this time, TATSOL is proud to bring you...not so live, from Hollywood, California...the latest episode of "Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley." Episode #52 is up now!

This week! Izzy is joined by Jeff "The Great Bobboo" Bauer to talk recent NFL happenings and rip on college basketball. And! In the feature interview - Mike "Happy" Schneider joins the show to talk everything Hairball, the bombastic tribute to arena rock! If you are not familiar, you need to see the show when they come to your area. Slave Raider, Izzy's look, and much, much, more are covered in this fun interview.

Let's get to it then, shall we?

-Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley/ Facebook

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

03/13/15 Crashmatic Debuts New Four Piece Lineup @ Funhouse Friday the 13th Party, Minneapolis, MN

03/13/15 Crashmatic @ Party House, Minneapolis, MN

We were immediately intrigued when we got this invite about a week ago to show up to this "place" in Minneapolis on Friday night, March 13th. There was the promise of live rock and roll to be provided by Crashmastic, along with Sick Things, an Alice Cooper Tribute show we've been hearing good things about since last fall. And had it really been a year ago since we last saw Crashmatic?!? Yes, unfortunately, it had. Seemed it was well past time to do that again...and the whole affair sounded pretty interesting to us, so after finishing up work on Friday, off we went.

After a bit of driving around and having some difficulty trying to locate "the place," (which wasn't all that difficult to locate after all) we arrived and ran into a friend of ours who was also just showing up. After a bit of catching up with him outside the doors as I finished up my smoke, the three of us stepped inside and just a few feet inside the entry we could hear music that we identified immediately as Crashmatic warming up, so off we went in the direction it was coming from. Down the hallway to the left and into...well...into a whole 'nother state of existence for the next few hours, really.

The "place" is unreal. It is actually six apartments, units in a larger apartment building, that have been interconnected and transformed into some kind of step-through-the-mirror, super-artsy, retro, somewhat tacky yet completely beautiful living and arts space featuring theme rooms, secret passageways leading to hidden rooms, more kitschy pop culture collectibles than you can imagine, a giant inside waterfall in one was all just a bit unreal. Three levels of it. And it was filled with probably close to around two hundred people, all having a great time wandering around checking it all out. Some had been to other events here previously, and many, like ourselves had just arrived for the first time and were walking around with mouths hanging open in disbelief, trying to take it all in. We heard that there was a room someplace within that contained an entire airplane fuselage set up that is equipped with seats and a movie screen inside it and they show movies in it sometimes. We never did see that. But we did see was everywhere you looked...something else cool. Or interesting. Or bizarre.

But after wandering around for a while and checking it all out the one main space we did see was the compete mini theatre they had set up at one end of the place. And I mean a real honest to god performance sized theater. With a stage and a small dance area and balconies with seats and a high, pressed-tin ceiling and a disco ball and everything! It was spectacular to see that someone had done this and was offering to host an event like this in their "home" and we just kept thinking how very cool all of it was and how glad we were to be there to witness in all of it.

I'm not even quite sure what time it was when the members of Crashmatic reassembled and stepped up on the stage and got set to play. Sometime around 9:30pm I'm guessing. Their gear was all in place and sound checked already so they pretty much came out and plugged in and let it rip.

03/13/15 Crashmatic @ Party House, Minneapolis, MN

Of immediate interest to those who have seen Crashmatic play live before was the addition of a second guitarist - the band is now playing out as a four piece instead of as a trio. Dan Star-Stresemann (vocals, guitar), Alan Johnson (bass, vocals) and Scott "Chopper" Savage (drums) have welcomed guitarist Terry Isachsen into the group. Terry is already well known in Twin Cities music circles as the guitarist in the long running local favorite band The Flamin' Oh's. And on this night, he would pull double duty, making his debut with Crashmatic and finishing off the night playing with the Sick Things as well. Having seen Crashmatic in their previous trio configuration a few times in the past couple of years, enough to be quite familiar with the band and their songs, we were really curious to hear what the "new guy" would bring to their sound.

They started off their set with "Rock N Roll Star," a song we recognized from previous shows. This one features Dan and Al trading off vocal lines and also singing some lines together. The tempo of the song this time was a bit slower than they usually play it, the band laying back just a bit, almost imperceptibly so. But we noticed right away and thought it sounded pretty cool done this way.

03/13/15 Crashmatic @ Party House, Minneapolis, MN

The super-catchy, can't get this-chorus-outta-my-head song "Ultra-Fine" was up next.

One of my favorite songs by these guys and I thought right away that it sounded even better with the second guitar added in. You could hear without a doubt that this addition was "heavying things up" just up bit. Not changing the dynamic of the band in any way at all, the song structures remain pretty much the same, but just adding another layer of thickness to the overall sound. Crashmatic, for those who do not know, play a very catchy blend of 70's and 80's influenced Heavy Glam Rock / Power Pop that can verge on Metal at points...but never really quite goes all the way there. The band was mixed nice and loud and was just blasting the small room and we thought they sounded great from where we stood.

The third song, "Spinnin'" is another just over four-minute power-pop rocker that the band has been playing for a while. By this point early in their set it was pretty evident that Dan, Scott and Al all really gelled very well with new guy Terry. There was zero "uncomfortable factor" coming from the stage, they all looked to be very relaxed, laid back and confident. Actually, The Crashmatic guys have known Terry for quite a while, sharing a rehearsal space and sometimes the concert stage with the Flamin' Oh's.

03/13/15 Crashmatic @ Party House, Minneapolis, MN

"Lonely" was the next song in the set. The tempo on this one seemed maybe just a bit slower as well but otherwise the song was played pretty much as they always do it. But here again, the addition of a second guitar just thickened it up and made the song sound just...better, for lack of a fancier word. I start to sound like a broken record - but that's the best way I can describe it.

We didn't know it yet, but the band were already cruising into the middle of their set. The next song was a cover, one we've heard them do previously a few times. I've heard what sometimes seems like a million covers over the years and actually I can say that this is one of the better cover versions of anyone by anyone. If you don't think this rocks you may already be half-way dead.

The next song, "Little Bit" was something I'm not sure we've heard them play before. A cool, grooved out, 70's sounding rocker, this song in particular was really noticeably driven forward by the thumping, solid beat laid down by "Chopper." From the audiences standpoint you might describe his visual style as that of a "basher" - all flailing hair and raised arms coming down hard and hard and hard - very fun to watch and listen to.

"Save Me" immediately followed and the band continued to impress with yet another guitar-filled, hook-laden power-pop rocker that immediately invokes thoughts to the listener that Crashmatic just might be influenced a little bit by such bands such as Cheap Trick and The Babys. Maybe. And they'd probably tell you as much themselves if you were to ask.

03/13/15 Crashmatic @ Party House, Minneapolis, MN

Next, the band pulled out a brand new song called "We Are," announcing it as the first track they've written with their new guitarist. Here again the addition of a second guitarist into the band is highlighted, a fuller sound achieved with one guitar doubling the rhythm and allowing for more soloing opportunities with the second guitar.

With the show winding down to the final minutes, the band threw one more quick cover into the set, "Let It Be." I'm sure they played it well but somehow I didn't really hear it. I was actually shooting photos like a mad during that song, for one. And for two, my ears usually somehow magically seem to glaze over whenever I hear the Beatles in any way, shape or form. Weird, huh?

"Wound Up" was to be the final song played by the band on this particular night and they played it with an energy like they were just really getting started and I felt kind of bad they had to be done so soon.

But I know singer/guitarist Dan was very glad that they were done by this point. Oh, I didn't mention? He wasn't really feeling very well. At all. But, along with the rest of the band, he soldiered on and gave it about 99.99% from what we could see and hear and we were really very proud to see him do that. I'm pretty sure he was setting himself up to feel even worse the next day...but he gave a great performance for the people who came to rock and roll on this Friday night.

So Crashmatic as a four piece? The Gorgeous One and I both agree we like it. As I said, the feel of the band doesn't really change at all, they're still gonna play reasonably simple and catchy pop-rock inspired stuff that usually clocks in at around 4:00 or less per song. The addition of a second guitarist hasn't turned them into some epic, duel-guitar attack metal band or a jam band or anything like that, it just adds a bit of opportunity to throw a bit "more" in there when they want to. So we're looking forward to seeing these guys again sometime soon to see what a bit more time together as a four piece turns them into. This first show together seems to indicate that they're headed in the right direction.

So the evening continued on after a short break with the Alice Cooper Tribute band Sick Things.

We did stick around to check them out for a few songs and they looked and sounded very entertaining. But alas, due to some drunk chick (of course)...with a cane (really?!?)...spilling her drink around and then attempting to dance and having that result only in having herself falling into a chair and then into us... again...after already spilling her drink all over my wife and then pestering us with repeated, drunken apologies...well, we decided we'd had just about enough for one night by that point and that's when we decided to G.T.F.O.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Modin's Rockin' Recollections #17 - The Return! July 23 - 25, 1999 Woodstock '99 @ Griffiss Park, Rome, NY

Modin's Rockin' Recollections (Logo)

It is kind of hard to believe but it has actually been just over three years since we got together with our old pal Troy to do some episodes of a series he and I put together called simply "Modin's Rockin' Recollections." For those of you unfamiliar, Troy is a friend of mine from way back. I mean waaaay fuckin' 3rd grade in 1978 way back. Anyway - no surprise, he was always a rock and roll type of guy as well so naturally we became quick friends and have remained so to this day. He eventually found himself living in Florida, working for a major rock radio station near Tampa for a few years before moving back to Minnesota some years back. So of course he's been to quite a few rock shows himself over the years.

The Modin's Rockin' Recollections idea is just simply Troy, sitting down, pulling out a ticket stub from his collection and taking a few minutes to remember whatever he can in a rather raw, unrproduced and totally unrehearsed one-take video blog post. We've got a few more already in the can and hope do a bunch more soon. We'll post one each Sunday here at TATSOL.

So here we go with the return of Modin's Rockin' Recollections  - Episode #17:

07/23 - 25/99
Woodstock '99
@ Griffiss Park, Rome, NY
Attendance: Approximately 200,000

07/23 - 25/99 Woodstock 1999 @ Rome, NY (Top) 07/23 - 25/99 Woodstock 1999 @ Rome, NY (Bottom)
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

07/23 - 25/99 Woodstock '99 @ Rome, NY (Transportation Ticket)
(Image via: Troy Modin Collection)

As Troy alluded to...the vibe of Woodstock '99 was definitely NOT that of Woodstock '69.

On behalf of TATSOL and Modin...thanks for watching. Check back right here again next Sunday for one more trip down rock and roll memory lane with another episode of Modin's Rockin' Recollections.