Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Don't Think We Should Light A Match In Here: New Flipp Updates!

1999-01-24 Teenage Rampage 2 Flyer
Ad for 01/24/99 Flipp Teenage Rampage II @ First Avenue, Mpls, MN.
(Image via Grant Lindberg Collection)

It has been a cool couple of days indeed for fans of the long dormant Minneapolis glam-punk-power-pop group Flipp. After quite a dry spell of not really unearthing anything "new" at all, this week our good pal Grant L. hooked up with a fellow C.S.F. named "Don" who has, apparently, been holding out on us all these years! Thanks to both of these guys we now have some new old Flipp video from not just one but two shows!

First! 3 video clips from an early (undated) Flipp show at The Cabooze in Minneapolis. Judging from the setlist, the look of the band and their overall stage production and "act" this has to be one of the earliest Flipp shows, we're guessing it to be from sometime in early-mid 1995.

Next: A few additional songs from the 01/24/99 Teenage Rampage II at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

And! There's also one audio-only track of the band performing live on the radio on 12/26/99 for 92.5FM KQRS's "Minnesota Homegrown."

And where, you may be asking yourself right about now, can I hear and see these wonderful discoveries too? We are so glad you asked! There are two places all self-respecting Flipp fans should be aware of that will always continue to bring you this kind of stuff as soon as it becomes available:

#1) "I Don't Think We Should Light A Match In Here"
Our very own "All Flipp All The Time" sub-project/sister blog.
Created by myself and Grant Lindberg in February 2012.

#2) Flipp/ Facebook (Unofficial)
Created and moderated by former Flipp Road Manager Shawn Walgren.
Grant and I have also been kindly asked to contribute and moderate there as well.

Hopefully...even more to come very soon!

Sets Sail Today! 04/18 - 22/15 Monsters of Rock Cruise 2015

04/18 - 22/15 Monsters of Rock Cruise 2015 - Miami, FL

-Too late to sail this year but you can follow all the craziness over the next few days over at: MonstersOfRockCruise/Facebook

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley: Episode #55 - Michael Grant (L.A. Guns/ Michael Grant and The Assassins)

04/14/15 Another F'n Podcast witrh Izzy Presley #55 (Michael Grant)

As we like to do here each week at about this time, TATSOL is proud to bring you...not so live, from Hollywood, California...the latest episode of Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley! Episode #55 is up now for your listening pleasure!

This week! Yahoo's "Puck Daddy" Greg Wyshynski also calls in to talk Stanley Cup Playoffs and NHL Expansion. Then! Feature guest guitarist Michael Grant finally swings by for an in depth, in-studio one on one with Izzy about his new band Michael Grant & The Assassins, how he got his gig with L.A. Guns and not knowing their music before hand, what he though when Phil Lewis & Tracii Guns reunited in Las Vegas, and the rise and fall of his previous band EndeverafteR.

Let's get right on to it then!

-Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley/ Facebook
-Izzy Presley

Next Week!

Join us as we wish "Bon Voyage and safe travels" to Izzy as for next weeks episode he will be coming to you "not so live" from someplace on the high seas while he sails with the 2015 Monsters of Rock Cruise! God only knows what kind of crazed, full-on rock star insanity that could entail...and as always, we'll have it for you right here at TATSOL!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

One From The Archives: 04/12/89 Metal Church/ Milia Rage/ Evil Pink @ Ryan's, St. Paul, MN

04/12/89 Metal Church/ Milia Rage/ Evil Pink @ Ryan's, St. Paul, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)

Modin's Rockin' Recollections #21: 04/26/98 Eric Clapton @ Ice Palace Arena, Tampa, FL

Modin's Rockin' Recollections (Logo)

Sunday...time for another trip back in the rock and roll time machine with Modin's Rockin' Recollections! Our pilot, as he is every week for this ultra low-tech adventure, is our old pal, Modin.

Here is this weeks ticket:

04/26/98 Eric Clapton @ Ice Palace Arena, Tampa, FL

And let's go!

Clapton. Well...OK then. I can not say I was ever a big fan. I don't get the whole "Clapton Is God" thing. I guess I MIGHT go see him if I got a free ticket to do so. But then again, maybe not. Probably not actually. Anyway...that's all beside the point. TM went, had a good time...that's all that really matters.

So, until he returns again next Sunday...and who knows what kind of twisted concert experience that could entail...TM says thanks for watching and keep it real!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Michael Des Barres Interview with Mark Skaar from 103.7FM The Fox (Clear Lake, IA)

Michael Des Barre "The Key To The Universe" (2015)

Our pal DJ Mark Skaar at 103.7FM The Fox in Clear Lake, IA had the very cool opportunity to interview legendary rock musician Michael Des Barres recently, preceding the release of his brand new album "The Key To The Universe. Mark has kindly made the interview available for those of you who might not have been listening when it originally aired a week or so ago and we're very happy to be able to share it here with you right here as well. Thanks so much Mark!

The album was released yesterday (04/07/15) via FOD Records. You can order physical copies from HERE or digital download from iTunes HERE. And if right now you're asking yourself, "Who the hell is Michael Des Barres?"

Since 1972: Silverhead. Detective. Chequered Past. Power Station.

And so, so much more.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley: Episode #54 - Athena Kottak (Femme Fatale) / Tory Stoffregen (The New Black 7)

04/07/15 Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley (Athena Kottak)

As we like to do here each week at about this time, TATSOL is proud to bring you...not so live, from Hollywood, California...the latest episode of "Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley." Episode #54 is up now for your listening pleasure!

This week on an all-new episode of Another F'n Podcast!

Tory Stoffregen (formerly of Enuff Z'Nuff) checks in to talk about his band The New Black 7 and making the segway from rock into country. Their new single is called "Fine Wine" and is available now. Check them out at


Athena Kottak  joins the show to talk Ex Wives of Rock, Femme Fatale, sobriety, breast cancer, discovering Van Halen and being too young to party at the Mötley house, her memories of The Sunset Strip, and much, much more.

So, lets get right to it then, shall we?

-Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley/ Facebook
-Izzy Presley

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

07/26/50 - 04/06/15 RIP Stuart Feinholtz aka Stuboy Wilder - Vocalist, The Corpse Grinders/ The Rick Rivets Band

10/31/?? The Corpse Grinders @ The Great Gildersleeves, NYC, NY
Flyer for a 10/31/?? The Corpse Grinders gig @ The Great Gildersleeves, NYC, NY
(L to R) Arthur "Killer" Kane/ Jimmy Criss/ Stuboy Wilder/ Rick Rivets

The 70's era New York City music "underground" has lost another of its long time contributors. Word has been circulating around on Facebook for the past 24 hours that Stuboy Wilder, vocalist for Arthur Kane's post New York Dolls group The Corpse Grinders (and later with The Rick Rivets Band) has passed away at the age of 64. No additional details on his passing are available at this time.

TATSOL extends our sincere condolences to Stuboy's family, friends and former band mates during this time of sadness and loss.

"Quaalude Queen" - The Rick Rivets Band (/w/ Stuboy Wilder on vocals)
From the CD "City Rockers" - released in 2006 on Captain Trip Records
Order a copy from HERE.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

03/28/15: Another 100% Live Dose of the Good Stuff Courtesy of The GooDBarS @ Club Underground, Minneapolis, MN

03/28/15 The Goodbars/ Astral Tramps/ Al Grande Trio/ New Rock Union @ Club Underground, Minneapolis, MN
(Artwork: Johnny Hardcore)

So we've told you at least a few times in the past year about the great live rock and roll being spewed forth by some Twin Cities guys calling themselves The GooDBarS. We even told you they were doing a show in NE Minneapolis last Saturday night with some other hard rocking all original bands at the ultra-cool Spring Street Grill's Club Underground. Were you there? probably were not. A few maybe. But most of you? No. And shame. Shame on you.

Luckily for you...we were there! Yes, once again, TATSOL was out at the rock show, braving the rabid psychos down in the front row (sitting on the stage-right PA actually) to get you the best possible coverage of another killer live set from one of the hardest rocking bands in this very talented and populous Minneapolis/St. Paul music scene...The GooDBarS. You're about to see and hear 11 good reasons why you should have been there and why you should probably get your ass out to check these guys out the next time they play. We first discovered the band last spring and have been out to see them a handful of times. Full disclosure, we are glad to now call them friends as well - you can just tell they all live and breathe real rock and roll 24/7/365 and that made them immediate kindred spirits in our book.

For those who have not been paying attention, The GooDBarS are:
Bart Klassen - Drums
Michael Rumore - Guitar
John Funk - Guitar
Todd Jameson - Bass
R.J. Lubrant - Vocals

Following a pair of earlier opening sets by The New Rock Union and The Astral Tramps, The GooDBarS guys hit the stage around 11:30pm, kicking their set off with the song "Take Me On Tonight." This followed, as expected, by the brief but always fun to scream along to would-be rock and roll classic "Hello Fuckers!" And with that, things were well and truly under way.

Those first two tracks both appear on the bands debut CD, "The Goodbars," released back in 2012. As time flies by and we now find ourselves in the early spring of 2015, the band are actually right at this very moment as I write this, working on recording brand new material for a second CD that we are hoping will see the light of day by the later part of this year. We here at TATSOL can't wait to hear the follow up to the first one and we'll certainly keep you posted on that right here when it is released.

Anyway, as such, the band have been playing some of their newer songs to live audiences for a few months now and did so again on this particular evening. The next song, a thrash-punk stomper called "Overdrive," I think we saw them debut this one at Mayslacks back in November, the last time we were able to make it out to see them.

Another new one, "Feed The Pig," followed and went over quite well with the crowd. They had played this one at that Mayslacks gig too. The Gorgeous One loves it. And, when they've played it at some other recent gigs, the couple of videos that some other people shot of this one have received enthusiastic support from people who viewed and listened to them on Facebook. It's a sure bet this will be on the next CD when it comes out.

"7AM" is not to be found on the bands first CD and yet it isn't really a "new song" either. I think. I'm pretty sure they played this one even the first time we saw them last spring at the Fine Line. I like this one quite a bit every time they play it.

"Matthew," a third new song was next. They may have played this a time or two already at a few shows we missed earlier this year but this was our first time hearing this one. It's a weird, funked up sounding, guitar-riff based thing, Rumore and Funk playing this weird staccato sounding thing...rather kinda different from almost anything else they play.

"Exonerated" is another track that does not appear on the first CD but has been in the bands set list since the first time we saw them. I like it a lot, it's one of their heaviest sounding songs and I hope it continues to stay in the set for some time to come and maybe it will even be recorded for the upcoming CD.

Next up, another non-CD song, "Drag Me To Hell."

The next one, "Camarojuana," which you know just from the title that it always goes over very well with audiences, is based around some experiences that lead singer R.J. had with a good friend of his when they were younger.

The GooDBarS always seem to like to toss an interesting cover into their live set someplace and tonight it was nearly the end of the show before they peeled off a blazing version of Motorhead's 1980 classic "Ace of Spades." I think they do it justice and have no doubt that it would make Lemmy proud if he could hear their version of it.

With their time at an end, the band finished up their set with the final track on their first CD, "Hell Rider." This is one of their longer songs and always seems to finish off the show with a great amount of loud guitar energy.

And that...was that! Another 40-45 minutes of straight up, sweaty ass rock and roll done the way it should be - with intensity and an aura of fun and enjoyment being had by all the guys on the stage. That is just one of the draws of seeing these guys play live as well - you can always clearly see they are really enjoying themselves and that makes it even more fun for those of us watching the show. And sweaty? Yeah. Drummer Bart Klassen was a dripping wet mess when he came off the stage. When you listen and watch, it's easy to see why, the guy is a machine for 45's awesome.

We stuck around for just a bit after The GooDBarS finished set as they packed up their gear and made room for the final band of the night, the Al Grande Trio. Unfortunately, as so often happens, one of us had to work early the next morning and it had already been a 20 hour day for us both by this point, so it was time for us to bail and we had to miss seeing them finish up the evening. We found the GoodBarS guys near their merch table and said quick goodbyes and goodnights and then headed off on our always too-long drive home, our rock jones for the evening fixed...and well satisfied.

The next chance you get to see The GooDBarS comes a week from Tuesday, on April 14th, when they for the second time in a year, along with .50 Caliber Crisis and Lamp Shade Betty open for national touring artist The Texas Hippie Coalition. The show is at POV's 65 in Spring Lake Park and should be a total blast if you can make it. Sounds to us like a perfectly good excuse to take Wednesday morning off from work. Tickets are still available.

04/14/15 Texas Hippie Coalition/ Lamp Shade Betty/ The GooDBarS/ 50 Caliber Crisis @ Pov's 65, Spring Lake Park, MN

Modin's Rockin' Recollections #20: 08/17/14 Kiss/ Def Leppard/ The Dead Daisies @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

Modin's Rockin' Recollections (Logo)

Sunday night...time for another episode of Modin's Rockin' Recollections!

This week!  A musical time trip taking us back to just last summer: 08/17/14 Kiss/ Def Leppard/ Dead Daisies @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN. For this episode, TM brings his son back for one more guest appearance since he was at this particular show as well.

Here's the ticket...

08/07/14 Kiss/ Def Leppard @ Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

And now, please welcome two guys who were there and have agreed to tell us their thoughts and memories about it...the Modin boys!

Well, we're glad they had a good time anyway. As I recall, The Gorgeous One and myself were conveniently out of town that weekend so we actually had an excuse to miss the show. Not that we needed one. Due to the continuing state of decline that Kiss is in from our perspective, there was no way we were going to go to this show. Or any more Kiss shows ever for that matter. But we sure can't blame Modin for wanting to take his son to see them and their huge, spectacular looking light show and sub-par, Ace Frehley-less performance at least once before the band hangs it up.

So thanks, as always, to the Modin boys for sharing your memories. To finish things up here this week, some video from the show as described above: Opening songs by both Def Leppard and Kiss, filmed by one of the best concert video guys in the Twin Cities, "DimbagDaryl79". He's got tons more great video from this and so many more shows over on his Youtube page - check it out HERE.

Thanks for watching.
We'll be back again next Sunday with another of Modin's Rockin' Recollections!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Toto's Steve Lukather Interviewed on Mix 107.3 KIOW-FM, Forest City, IA

Toto "XIV" (Released: 03/20/15)

In the span of just a few days in March 2015, Toto released their latest studio CD titled "XIV" and were then shell-shocked by the passing of their original bassist Mike Porcaro. Our pal DJ Mark Skaar had the good fortune yesterday to conduct a phone interview with the bands guitarist Steve Lukather for radio station Mix 107.3 KIOW FM, Forest City, IA. They discussed the new CD, the passing of a band mate and long time friend, Toto's upcoming touring plans for the summer and much more. Best of all, in case you missed the original broadcast can now listen to the entire conversation, right here at TATASOL, in the handy dandy media player below.

Tonight! 04/02/15 Kip Winger @ GB Leighton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

04/02/15 Kip Winger @ GB Leigton's Pickle Park, Fridley, MN

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley: Episode #53 - Julia Ann, Adult Film Star

Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley (Adult Film Star Julia Ann)(03/31/15)

As we like to do here each week at about this time, TATSOL is proud to bring you...not so live, from Hollywood, California...the latest episode of "Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley." After taking last week off - Izzy is back - and Episode #53 is up now for your listening pleasure!

This week!

Izzy kicks the show off with a re-cap of his adventures getting to the free Van Halen Jimmy Kimmel taping in LA earlier this week. The first of three guests joining in this week, in a special return appearance, Metal DJ Will and his response to getting ribbed by Jimmy Kimmel at the Van Halen taping. Then! Another F'n Podcast's resident Fantasy Football Guru Jeff "The Great Bobboo" Bauer calls in to the show to recap some of the events and action that took place at the most recent WrestleMania.  And then, in this week's feature interview, Izzy welcomes Adult Film Star Julia Ann to the show to discuss everything and anything, including but not limited to, hot topics such as the Porn Biz and condom laws to...puppies. Awww! We love puppies!

Let's get right to it!

-Another F'n Podcast with Izzy Presley/ Facebook
-Izzy Presley

Starts Tonight! April - May 2015 Testament/ Exodus/ Shattered Sun US Tour

April-May 2015 Testament/ Exodus/ Shattered Sun US Tour

One From The Archives: 04/01/87 Husker Du @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

04/01/87 Husker Du @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
(Image via NYCDreamin Archives)